What's up with those paintings in the background?

Part of a man's nude torso appears on the wall in the background of Philamenial. It's from the painting Homme Nu á Mi-corps by Théodore Géricault (c ~1812).

Each of the five paintings in Mythomemial will have a different painting on the background wall. The background paintings represent the way in which painting itself looms large in the background of my life. 

Sacremenial will feature a detail from Primavera by Sandro Botticelli (c 1470~1480) in its background.

Sensamenial will have Peacock and Hunting Trophies by Jan Weenix (c 1708).

will have a detail from Flowers in a Glass Vase with a Tulip by Rachel Ryusch (c 1716)

I am still working on the composition for Vivamenial/Poiemenial so I haven't yet settled on a painting for the background, but I'm thinking of The Avenue at Middleharnis by Meindert Hobbema (c 1689)