Mythomenial: the big picture (polyptych previsualization)

Here is the rough previsualization for the five oil on aluminum panels which will make up the Mythomenial polyptych (these are photo-collages):

The polyptych will be about 7 feet wide by 5 feet high with each panel in its own frame.
The central panel is Philamenial , 36" x 36" 
The top left panel is Sensamenial, 36" x 22" 
The bottom left panel is Sacremenial, 22" x 36"
The top right panel is Miramenial, 36" x 22" 
The bottom right panel is Vivamenial, 22" x 36"

For each painting I first create the photo-collage. I set up all of the still life elements and photograph them in my studio. Some of the images of the boys are culled from photos Eric and I have taken of our family over the years. For Vivamenial, I set up a scene in our kitchen and photographed the boys and Eric there. More than half of the photographs of myself and the boys were shot by the very talented Lori Dagley. I am also using public domain pictures for each image of a painting by a famous artists which appears in each background (see the post What's up with that figure in the background for more details about that). Three curtains, two windows and the back of a canvas appear in these collages which are taken from paintings by Vermeer and Velázquez. Some of these collages are only very broadly blocked in at this point. You can follow my progress on these paintings here

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