Wednesday, January 27, 2021

 All painted up but nowhere to go

Sensamenial, the second painting in the Mythomenial polyptych is done! Well, was done a while ago really but I just hadn't felt like updating the blog because it's been quite a let down to be unable to share the finished work in person. When the pandemic has become more contained and we can have gatherings again, I can't wait to have a party and share this painting and find out who wants to host it!
Until then - here it is virtually.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Following Philamenial: Philamenial's First Host Home

Philamenia© Cristie Henry 2018, oil on aluminium 36" x 36" 
in situ at a host's home in San Francisco California

On Labor day we had the pleasure of enjoying dinner with friends and hanging Philamenial in the first host home. I am very excited to talk with the hosts more as their experience living with this piece unfolds.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Following Philamenial: The Journey Begins...Soon

Philamenial © Cristie Henry 2018, oil on aluminium 36" x 36" 

On April 29th we had viewing party for Philamenial. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with everyone who came. I was in fact hoarse an hour before the party ended.

As of now there are seven people signed up to host the painting. In July I'll be hanging Philamenial for the first hosts. I'm so excited! I plan to take a picture of the painting in each host's home and post the pictures here along with the name of the city, so you can follow along. If you're interesting it hosting check out the post Hosting - What? How? Why?