Hosting - What? How? Why?

With this polyptych, Mythomenial, the panels go on a perpetual traveling exhibition of sorts. When I finish a new panel I retrieve the completed panels from their hosts and I have a party. I invite folks to come see all of the completed panels. I'm aiming for this to happen each year. Anyone may offer to host one or more of the panels. Hosting is a non-commercial arrangement. Each host has the panel (or panels) they committed to for up to six months. 

I decided on this hosting idea after some personal inquiry into my motivation for painting. The reason I paint is to communicate and connect. By offering my work to be hosted for free and for relatively short periods, each work has the opportunity to be known intimately by many people, hopefully from diverse backgrounds, and I have the opportunity to hear from and talk with each host about their experience with the work. 

If you would like to live with one (or more) of the Mythomenial panels in your home, you may!  Contact me and we'll discuss your interest and your specific logistics. Essentially, if I don't already know you well, I would seek to establish trust with you and then figure out how your interest and availability fit in with those of other interested hosts and determine when the painting could be hung in your home. Feel free to use the contact form, accessed from overflow menu, or email me directly at .

If you're curious how it looks living with a painting and kids in the mix, here's Philomenial on an easel in our living room on a typical afternoon with friends over: